Inside Joke to First Doodle

This doodle actually started out as a joke with my roommate. It was in the first month or two living in our new apartment and I was decorating the kitchen/living room space. I had previously made and put up a “Welcome” banner when he was at work and was surprised to see it when he came home. We were both either really tired or really bored because the next thing I knew he was joking around saying that he didn’t like the “Welcome” banner and instead should have a whale saying “WHHAALLLEECOME!” I thought it was the most funniest thing as we both yelled “WHHAALLEEECOOMEE!!!” in our apartment. I’ve been looking at a lot of art books and Pinterest (of course) for doodle inspiration and I was inspired by all the pictures of words inside a shape…or animal. And thus the “WHAAALECOME” whale was born.


It actually fits perfectly with my website because in a way I am welcoming you to my website with this first doodle. I’m really excited to work on more doodles/projects for you guys and can not wait to see what you think! So with my “WHAALECOME” whale I welcome you to my website!