Whaaalecome! Adobe Illustrator Version


Wait Kat, didn’t you already post this doodle? Well yes, I did, but that was the Original drawing… this is a new improved DIGITAL version of the doodle!

Since I really enjoyed this doodle and thought other people would feel the same way, I really wanted to sell it at the art show, but didn’t want to have to redraw it over and over. Than I thought I could just scan it to my computer and retrace it on Adobe Illustrator.. so I did that!

One thing I love about Adobe Illustrator is that reason. One file can make 5, 10, 100 copies of one doodle! Plus in my opinion it looks a lot cleaner and the colors pop out more.

To create this on Adobe Illustrator, I placed the image of Illustrator, traced the silhouette with the pen tool, used shape builder to create the letters, and pathbuilder to erase the letters to give the white outline inside the silhouette.

If you like this doodle and/or have more ideas for new doodles please comment below!