Bodypainting 101: Episode 0: Introduction


Hello and welcome to my series, Bodypainting 101! This is the series where I teach you the tips and tricks I have learned in my experience with bodypainting for people who are interested in getting into bodypainting!

What is Bodypainting 101 About?

Bodypainting 101 is a helpful guide for people who are interested in getting into bodypainting. Whether you are looking into posting makeup looks on social media, cosplay your favorite un-human character, catch everyone’s attention at a Halloween party, bodypainting is an art form for everyone! Personally, I first started bodypainting almost two years ago during Halloween when I got into posting my makeup looks online. If I am being completely honest with you there is still so much I can and continue to learn about. I am fully self-taught and nowhere close to being an expert body painter. Bodypainting is such a huge art form and I would love to share my knowledge while learning new things along the way. I encourage your participation in the comments and if you think of something I didn’t mention in any of the episodes, don’t be afraid to comment. All I ask is to please be kind to everyone involved whether it be me or the people in the comments. People who are in different stages of learning bodypainting should be able to come to this series to help grow their knowledge of bodypainting and I will be watching comments and stop any comments that I see are not fitting.

What will be Covered?

So Bodypainting 101 is created to be a basic guide to bodypainting. Here you will learn the different types of bodypaint, types of bodypainting (from painting characters to full transformations), tips, tricks, and a few helpful hints along the way. Like I mentioned earlier comments are super encouraged so if you have any questions or want more clarification on any topic that I cover don’t be afraid to ask. I also encourage you to make suggestions for what I should cover next! When planning new episodes I will be taking suggestions from not only from my blog, but from Instagram and Tik Tok where shorter video versions of this series will be posted!


So with all of that out of the way, I introduce you to this series with open arms. I am so excited to share my knowledge of bodypainting and I hope this series encourages you to dive into the wonderful world of bodypainting! Everyone has to start somewhere with any art form and I hope this series helps you get into this one.

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Until next time, see you soon!