Bodypainting 101: Episode 1: What is Bodypainting?

bodypainting-101-episode-1Welcome to the first official episode of Bodypainting 101 where I teach you tips and tricks to getting into bodypainting! As the title says we are going to be diving deep into the question “What is bodypainting?” It’s paint that you put on your body/face right? Wrong. There is so much that goes into bodypainting and one of the biggest things that almost pushed me away from bodypainting all together when I first thought about getting into body/face painting is how many different types and brands there where I couldn’t choose. “How do I know what body paint is best for my needs?” “What brand should I use?” There are so many different types, brands fit for all of your different wants and needs. So if you are interested in getting into bodypainting but is intimidated with what is best for you just keep on reading!

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